Public Relations Agency

We build bridges between our clients and their audiences


Public Relations

We design communication strategies that build strong bonds and foster positive relationships between our clients and their audiences, establishing authentic and lasting connections.

Content Creation

We create relevant content that captures the attention of the audience, using an appropriate style and tone to generate engagement and resonance, and thus build an active community around the brand.


We optimize online visibility through organic positioning strategies and manage digital marketing campaigns to increase the presence and impact of your websites.

Influencer Marketing

We collaborate with influencers in social networks and digital media to promote products, services, and brand messages, capitalizing on their reach and credibility with specific audiences.

Social Media Management

We develop and manage social media strategies, maintaining a strategic presence on key platforms to effectively connect with the audience.

Crisis Management

We analyze and execute actions to address and minimize adverse, conflictive, or negative situations that may impact the reputation, safeguarding the brand's image.


We plan, organize, and coordinate memorable experiences, such as product launches and networking activities, designed to leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Spokesperson Training

We prepare executives and representatives of the organization to communicate with the media in a professional and effective manner, ensuring that key messages are conveyed with clarity and consistency.


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We currently have an excellent publication reach in Mexico, which is complemented by outstanding coverage in various regional media in Latin America. In addition, we offer services designed to address your communication requirements in Central America, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil. Our strategy focuses on understanding the particularities of each market and tailoring our services to maximize impact in these regions. The combination of our regional reach and local expertise allows us to establish effective and relevant connections in multiple cultural and business contexts. At CEMPR Digital, we are committed to providing solutions tailored to your communication needs and goals throughout Latin America.


About Us

Since its establishment in 2015, CEMPR Digital has stood out as a specialized public relations agency with a deep understanding of the Latin American market. Our team of professionals has an extensive track record in the design and execution of communication strategies that have been key to establishing solid relationships between our clients, opinion leaders, and the media. Through our experience, we have positioned our clients as outstanding leaders in their respective industries. Our passion for innovation and understanding of the landscape allows us to create effective and meaningful public relations campaigns. At CEMPR Digital, we are committed to our client's success, helping them forge authentic and valuable connections in the world of business and consumer communications.

The Team

Jaime Roa

Managing Partner

With a solid experience of more than 15 years in communications and public relations, I have held key roles, including media monitor at PR Newswire and reporter/editor at Infochannel Mexico. My strategic focus has been strengthened by supporting internal and external corporate communications for prominent brands such as Dell, GE, Mercado Libre, Hasbro, BP, Telegram, and Snapchat, among others. My passion for effective storytelling and reputation management has allowed me to create solid strategies that connect audiences with influential brands.
+ 52 55 1795 7802

Ariadna Cuevas

Ariadna Cuevas

PR Consultant

Especialista en comunicación con experiencia en relaciones públicas y apasionada por el aprendizaje y los ambientes educativos. He tenido la oportunidad de desarrollar habilidades en la gestión de redes sociales y la creación de contenido. Creo firmemente en el poder de la comunicación para inspirar la colaboración.

Tania Reyes

Marketing Digital

Consultant and specialist in digital marketing, communication, and public relations with more than 15 years of experience. I have helped in brand positioning and recognition, lead generation, corporate image building, events and digital campaigns for companies such as Bosch, McAfee, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Yalo, Cumplo and Cisco. My passion is always to find solutions and achieve clients' goals in the shortest time possible and with the best return on investment.
+52 55 1483 3773


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